Women: Many a woman has found that her outlooks and attitudes produce her behaviors. Women find that positive attitudes and  expectations produce positive behavior while negative outlooks produce negative behaviors.

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Women and Issues of a Woman

Women's Outlooks and Attitudes Produce Behaviors
The Woman's Web

By Pat McChristie

WomenWhatever  you believe about an issue will influence your  perception and actual behavior in situations related to that issue.

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Women: Our outlooks and our attitudes produce our behaviors.

Many women have found that positive attitudes and  expectations produce positive behavior while negative outlooks produce negative behaviors.

Henry  Ford said it best, "If you think you can or you think you can't, you're right!"

All women perceive life selectively.

This means we constantly filter out most of the sounds and scenes around us, allowing only a manageable amount through to our consciousness.

Those perceptions that we allow ourselves then,  are those that are consistent with our expectations and attitudes.

In other words, women pretty much see what we expect to see, experience what we expect to experience, and achieve what we expect to achieve.

Therefore, when we expect  to fail,  this often becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

When we expect to succeed, we do.


Whatever  we believe about an issue will influence our perception and actual behavior in situations related to that issue.

The solution, of course, is believing that we will be what we want to be rather than what we perceive. 

For a few of us women, that is easy to do. For others of us, it is harder, maybe seemingly impossible. 

Look around you. Are there negative influences in your life?

I found that listening to the news or watching it on a daily basis was a negative influence on my life. It was actually influencing my outlook on life. 

The news was an easy negative influence to remove. Once I quit "newsing," it was like a dark cloud slowly lifted from my sky.

Others negative influences are not so easy to ban.... But certainly worth the effort.

Good luck!




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