Men and Impotence: Anything that disrupts blood flow to the penis can disrupt your erection. 

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Men and Impotence: Causes and Cures

By Rob McLean

Men can actually increase the blood flow to their penis. 

For the Male of Today: 

From CyberParent

The woman of your dreams stands before you in a sizzling red teddy.

She kisses you passionately and beckons you to the bedroom. Your pulse quickens; all systems are go. But then your rocket launcher sinks into a mass of quivering, useless Jell-O.

You're shocked. You've heard of this, but it's certainly never happened   to you before. Well, at least not with a woman that looked and acted like this one.

You're sitting on the steps of your doctor's office the next morning   waiting for the doors to open. 

'Help me, help me!"

Can your doctor help?

Well, now he can. He has Viagra. But better than a prescription drug, you can help yourself.

Doctors, who once considered impotence almost exclusively a psychological  problem, now believe that at least 70% of impotence cases have physical causes, including diabetes, thyroid disorders, atherosclerosis or injury to the penis.

Medication, alcohol, tobacco, performance anxiety,  depression, and stress can aggravate the problem.

In fact, anything that disrupts blood flow to the penis can disrupt your erection. If your body can't deliver enough blood to engorge the  penis, it really doesn't matter how turned on you are.

And your doctor can prescribe Viagra. But Viagra is not for everyone and, if you are like I am, you had rather solve a health problem than depend on a prescription drug.




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Actually you can help yourself! When you take care of the blood supply  to your penis, you can enjoy sex all your life. To take care of your blood supply follow the suggestions of Dean Ornish, M.D.:

  • Stop smoking.
  • Cut alcohol consumption
  • Exercise aerobically
  • Eliminate the "bad" fat in your diet, i.e. saturated (animal products such as all meats, dairy, eggs) or hydrogenated (prepared foods from supermarket.)
  • Keep your weight down
  • Watch your medication use
  • Forget illegal drugs
  • Avoid stress and anger
  • Have at least one close confidant in your life.

Sounds suspiciously like what you do to keep blood flowing to your  heart, doesn't it?

If you are living a heart healthy life and still have an occasional   problem with impotence, look at your mind set. When you have had a fight with your boss or your ex-wife, sometimes  not even a red teddy can get you in the mood for sex.

Remember that sex is supposed to be fun. Get rid of your anger and frustration outside of the bedroom.

And also leave stress from work or your relationship in another room.

If the problem recurs, seek help from a urologist and/or sex therapist.

If the problem is psychological, counseling can help. If the problem is physical, these are several options including:

  • Medication changes
  • Prescription drug Viagra
  • Self-injections of drugs that cause erections (ouch)
  • Penile implants
  • Vacuum devices
  • Hormone therapy
  • A return to a healthy lifestyle

Over 50% of impotent men put off seeking help for a year or more.  And often when they do seek help, they encounter doctors who are uncomfortable  with the subject, uneducated about impotence, or quick to blame it all on age.

Some of that is changing. The FDA approval of Viagra and the ensuing media attention have helped push impotence and its treatment into the limelight. Yet there is still a long way to go.

If you have been unable to find help, call the urology department  of a local hospital or medical school for a referral.

Now back to the lady in waiting.  What do you say?

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