Intimacy and Love: When  there are problems in the relationship, a woman will feel it has to  be repaired before sex, not repaired by sex. And a man will feel exactly opposite.

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Intimate Lovers: Love & Intimacy 

Male-Female Differences in Love, Sex, and Intimacy.

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Intimacy and Love: Women view sex as coming from a close, intimate relationship. Women want to be in love before having sex. Men think sex is an expression of love.

When anger or another problem enters the picture, the differences between men and women and physical intimacy become even more evident.

He feels that making love will make-up.

She feels they must make-up before making love.

When  the relationship is in disrepair, a woman will feel it has to  be repaired before sex, not repaired by sex. And a man will feel exactly opposite.

Men  have sexual thoughts often during the day.

Women can go for hours, even days, without a sexual thought.  

For  women  touching without sex is soothing and comforting.  It imparts a warm feeling of security.

For  many men, touching without sex can easily be misunderstood and even threatening.

Watch   men   together. When  men  touch  it  is in a rough manner--punching each other or slapping each other on the  back. This is because tender touching has sexual undertones for a  man. It makes  many men feel  vulnerable and dependent, feelings  men have been socialized to feel are unmasculine.


Intimacy and Love:
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Young  women dream about love and romance; young men dream about sexual fulfillment.

Men are not comfortable with so much closeness and intimacy that they feel vulnerable. Women are not comfortable without it.

Women view sex as coming from a close, intimate  relationship. Women want to be in love before having sex. Men think sex is an expression of love.

For  women the relationship eventually includes sex. For men  the relationship doesn't really start until it includes sex.

For most women sexual involvement implies that a relationship  is possible. For men, such an implication is certainly not  automatic.

Women rarely comprehend a man's ability to separate sex and love. If  "her" man has sex with another woman, he can not still  love her.

Additional information about love, sex, and intimacy.

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Definitions and realities are in order here.

1. Not all women are alike. Some women are more evolved than other women.

2. Not all men are alike.  Some men are more evolved than other men.

3. Gender  identity is the sense we have of belonging either to the male half of  the human race or the female half of the race.

4. Gender conceit is when either sex assumes that what is natural and preferred for her/his sex is correct for both sexes.


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